Ancillary Services

To compliment these skills we also carry out electrical and containment works accredited to NICEIC with our own directly employed engineers. We also carry out civil works with our preferred civil contractor. This range of skills gives Core Integrated the ability to provide you with a full turnkey solution, from a single provider, with professional back office support and audited management systems.


Nearly all installation projects carry an element of electrical and containment works. Containment may need to be secure from tamper, vandal proof or have protection from water ingress. Sizing for cable pathways and cable bend radii is also critical, particularly for fibre and network cables. Electrical connections may need to be taken from existing circuits, or new circuits may need to be created.

With our directly employed, in house qualified electricians, we can roll electrical and containment requirements into the project, giving you one less contractor with which to deal and co-ordinate works.

Core Integrated Solutions can offer a design, advice, supply, installation and commissioning service to suit specific client requirements. All installation activities are carried out by our directly employed workforce, with civil engineering works outsourced to our selected civil engineering partner company.


With support from our partner civil engineering company, we can design and install underground ductwork to provide a physical cable pathway. This is often required between buildings or to CCTV columns and equipment cabinets.

We can liaise with local authority and highways agencies and can apply for licenses and opening notices to work in the public highway.

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