Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling infrastructure underpins all of today’s information technology and choosing the right supplier to suit your needs is essential. Core Integrated Solutions has the knowledge and experience to provide the optimum solutions for your copper or optical fibre projects.

We can advise on and implement the following:

  • Future proofing and scalability of the infrastructure and provide cost options for upgrades
  • Provision of cableway infrastructure, traywork, basket and conduit for internal routing
  • Organise and manage installation of external ducting, including sub-duct systems


Core Integrated Solutions can call on over 50 years of combined experience in optical fibre, in addition to comprehensive experience in multiple sectors.

From individual optical fibre cable projects to provision of the transmission media as part of a larger turnkey project, Core Integrated can provide full design input, installation and commissioning services.

We can advise on cable types for various environments suited to each individual project. Our engineers carry OTDR and ILM testing equipment used to test and commission installed cables and also used to diagnose faults and breaks on cable spans.

Core Integrated Solutions can offer a design, advice, supply, installation and commissioning service to suit specific client requirements. All installation activities are carried out by our directly employed workforce, with civil engineering works outsourced to our selected civil engineering partner company.


Structured cabling supports the increasing demands on modern local area networks with an ever-expanding range of systems and services utilising a common IP network.

Core Integrated has the expertise to provide the following:

  • Full integration to your existing network
  • Identify potential network conflicts that may arise
  • Work alongside in house ICT teams during the commissioning of new IP systems onto your network.

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