Core Integrated Solutions can provide an expert service in wireless, both licensed and unlicensed, and IP networks to support your systems and projects.


Wireless network technologies have evolved into faster, more reliable, and increasingly secure way of providing communication links where hard wired solutions such as fibre or copper are not achievable or cost prohibitive. Deployment of wireless equipment and networks can overcome connectivity issues where engineering difficulties make cabling unattainable. Wired and wireless infrastructure design can be considered to provide backhaul transmission for various systems requirements, with reliability, scalability, and cost, all factors in technology selection.

Core Integrated can advise on the most appropriate solutions for your project, not only manufacturer independent, but also technology independent. We understand the benefits and drawbacks to the technologies available:

  • Consideration of all potential engineering, cost and scalability options
  • Advice on technical options, transmission choices and cost options
  • Provide you with all the information required to create the optimum system, both technically and financially

Licensed wireless solutions are now offering levels of reliability and availability comparable to fibre, to such an extent that they can provide comparable backhaul communications. The product portfolio developed for mobile carrier backhaul is now being utilised in other scenarios, such as CCTV. Core Integrated can supply and install these systems, and can assist with liaison with OFCOM for the licensing.

Unlicensed wireless transmission is become much more established, and can provide cost effective connection, particularly at the network edge, and for final connection. Near and None Line-of-Sight technologies can deliver solutions in difficult topographical environments or build up areas.

Core Integrated Solutions can offer a design, advice, supply, installation and commissioning service to suit specific client requirements. All installation activities are carried out by our directly employed workforce, with civil engineering works outsourced to our selected civil engineering partner company.


IP networks support a multitude of systems and their associated devices, from data and voice to security systems and building management systems. The network hardware needs to support these systems and provide the performance and functionality for the attached devices. Core Integrated Solutions can provide the network switching and routeing hardware to complement our connectivity solutions. We can design and implement sophisticated IP architectures, creating standalone robust networks, or working with end users to integrate into legacy networks.

As well as more obvious considerations such as port count and PoE requirements, we design our networks to provide a robust and reliable platform for a system.

  • VLAN and subnet logical and physical network structures
  • Redundant network paths and load balancing to provide efficient bandwidth management
  • Environmentally suitable products, field hardened to cope with harsh temperature or industrial deployments
  • Quality of Service, prioritising critical connections
  • Third party network management software to provide network performance outage information and alarms

It can be too easy to over-specify network equipment, and can be costly. Core Integrated can work with you to ensure the appropriate network equipment is supplied, providing the balance between cost, performance, and scalability.

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