North Lanarkshire Council

Project Value £1 million
Summer to late 2016


This major project was successfully completed in a six month period to provide a new network to support over 1000 CCTV cameras across North Lanarkshire, working for a major integrator. The transmission technology for the network was made up of licensed wireless for major backhaul, and unlicensed wireless for local site connections.

  • Additional connections were created using existing and new optical fibre with existing unlicensed wireless connections integrated into the new network. Cisco enterprise switches and routers were installed across the network, configured to provide a structured and robust architecture.
  • Six Main hub locations were created, and acted as the network positions for the backhaul, as well as locations for edge recording.
  • As there was no line of site, a small number of sites could not be connected to the network wirelessly, so Core helped coordinate procurement and integration of these third party leased lines into the network.
  • A new server and network monitoring software was provided, allowing the client to live-monitor the status of the network and Core to carry out remote first line response, design and ongoing network expansion.
  • Detailed LAN design, including IP addressing and subnet information, was provided by Core, including all existing devices, new LAN equipment and transmission devices.
  • The design was also structured to accommodate expansion of the CCTV network, with appropriate VLAN segregation, minimising impact on existing network segments during future works.
  • Duct installation and electrical works were also carried out as part of the project.

WINNER “Installation or Project of the year” at the Fire and security awards.

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