Traffic & Transportation

Core Integrated provides a range of transmission solutions that enables the supply, installation and integration of a complete network infrastructure for the transportation sector.

The technology sectors supported include Urban Traffic Control (UTC), Journey Time Measurement Systems (JTMS), and clean air zones (CAZ).

We approach each project with no restriction to a single technology or manufacturer solution. We can design, specify and install a fully integrated network which is tailor-made for each project, or we can support you with tender proposals, providing the hard install for your solutions. We have delivered multiple traffic and light rail infrastructures for local authorities and large principal contractors.

Core has full Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS) approval for works on highways.


The introduction of Urban Traffic Management and Control Systems (UTMC) has resulted in the increasing need to provide network connectivity between on-street equipment and the control centre server.

Core Integrated can provide networks and infrastructure services to facilitate the migration from leased line solutions to a network capable of supporting modern UTMC systems.  The solutions covered can be anything from a cabled solution to a wireless transmission system.  We have installed extensive fibre networks, with multi-layer switching across a number of UK cities.  These networks provide fundamental UTMC traffic controller connectivity, but also provide VLAN segregated connectivity for other related systems, such as traffic sensors, CCTV cameras and pollution monitoring.

We have also provided discrete network cabinets, environmentally controlled, and connect to UTC infrastructure, to house the IP hardware.  5.8Ghz wireless connectivity can also be utilised, this tends to be at the edge of the network.


With the introduction of networked UTMC systems, local authorities now have to demonstrate evidence and monitor that their configuration for the control of congestion and traffic flow measures are effective. A successful way of achieving this is through the installation of a JTMS system.

We can undertake the installation of the civil, electrical and camera works along with the network transmission element to the control centre.