With a wealth of experience in supply, installation and commissioning of security systems, Core Integrated Solutions can provide all your security requirements.


From commercial budget systems to fully integrated solutions on a national scale, we offer a range of services to support CCTV systems, to both public sector and private sector customers. We can work to clearly defined specifications and requirements or we can provide a full turnkey solution including:

  • Advice on system design and product selection
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Advice on technical, transmission and cost options

Our objective is to give you the information required to create the optimum system, both technically and financially.


Car Park Operators need to maximise revenue and minimise cost. They also need networkable solutions which give them timely information without having a manned presence on site. Core Integrated can provide a reliable car park controls service with numerous benefits.

Core Integrated Solutions can provide all installation requirements for these systems, from the civil engineering infrastructure - ducting, bollards and barriers - to the network commissioning.

Core Integrated Solutions can offer a design, advice, supply, installation and commissioning service to suit specific client requirements. All installation activities are carried out by our directly employed workforce, with civil engineering works outsourced to our selected civil engineering partner company.


The use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) for detection of vehicles has become a major industry in the UK over the last few years. The detection and reading of a vehicle registration plate can be used for many different reasons and to serve many different purposes.

Core Integrated can install network and power provision to support ANPR systems from all major manufacturers for:

  • Crime prevention
  • Car park management
  • Bus lane enforcement
  • Journey time monitoring

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