Physical infrastructure underpins the network, be it ethernet copper cable, optical fibre, or wireless. Core Integrated Solutions has the knowledge and experience to design and install the optimum solutions for your projects.


Core Integrated Solutions can call on over 50 years of combined experience in optical fibre; our company has evolved from a fibre optic specialist company in the 1980’s.  As well as the practical experience installing fibre and ethernet cable, we also have the knowledge to help specify, providing the required and scalable cable design.  We can advise on cable types for various environments suited to each individual project. Ethernet structured cabling supports the edge connectivity to devices, and Core Integrated has the expertise to integrate new infrastructure to your existing network, identifying potential network conflicts that may arise, and work alongside in house IT teams during the commissioning of new IP systems onto your network.

Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA)

PIA enables Communications Providers (CPs) to share Openreach’s existing access network infrastructure, in particular ducts and poles. As an accredited CP, Core Integrated is authorised to utilise this infrastructure to install its own fibre networks and other associated works. Fibre applications include ITC networks, CCTV & traffic networks, private circuits and telecommunications for councils and other organisations.


Core Integrated Solutions
Core Integrated Solutions


Wireless network technologies have evolved into faster, more reliable, and increasingly secure way of providing communication links where hard-wired solutions such as fibre or copper are not achievable or cost prohibitive. Deployment of wireless equipment and networks can overcome connectivity issues where engineering difficulties make cabling unattainable. Wired and wireless infrastructure design can be considered to provide backhaul transmission for various systems requirements with reliability, scalability and cost, all factors in technology selection.

Core Integrated can advise on the most appropriate solutions for your project, not only manufacturer independent, but also technology independent. We understand the benefits and drawbacks to the technologies available:

  • Consideration of all potential engineering, cost and scalability options
  • Advice on technical options, transmission choices and cost options
  • Link planning to provide feasibility and availability information.
  • Provide you with all the information required to create the optimum system, both technically and financially

Licensed wireless solutions are now offering levels of reliability and availability comparable to fibre, to such an extent that they can provide comparable backhaul communications. The product portfolio developed for mobile carrier backhaul is now being utilised in other scenarios, such as CCTV. Core Integrated can supply and install these systems, and can assist with liaison with OFCOM for the licensing.

Unlicensed 5.8Ghz wireless transmission is become much more established, and can provide cost effective connection, particularly at the network edge.