Core Integrated Solutions provides complete network solutions, supporting client requirements, and bringing expertise in developing and delivering reliable and robust systems.

IP Networks

IP networks underpin a whole host of systems and services, from IT data and voice, to security systems, building management systems, and the Internet of things.  Cabled connections, wireless connections, and network hardware make up these systems and provide the performance, security and functionality for the IP devices. Core Integrated Solutions can provide all the elements of these systems, scaled to support day one and future requirements.  We can provide comprehensive solutions in terms of hard install, as well as network engineering to create logical and sophisticated architectures.  We can create standalone networks, or integrate into legacy networks.

From the fundamental considerations of network design – bandwidth, users, hard install considerations – we can also

  • Design VLAN and subnet logical and physical network structures, and IP schema
  • Create redundant network paths, load balancing, quality of service and bandwidth management
  • Deploy environmentally suitable products, field-hardened to cope with harsh temperature, or industrial deployments
  • Provide network management software to enable live monitoring, performance information, and fault reporting.
Core Integrated Solutions
Core Integrated Solutions

Specification of hardware, such as switches & routers, wireless solutions, and cable types is something which requires careful consideration.  Core Integrated can work with stakeholders to ensure the appropriate network design and equipment is supplied.  Providing the balance between cost, performance, and scalability.

Core Integrated Solutions is manufacturer and technology independent.  We have multiple supply chain relationships, including CISCO which are generally used for the multi- layer networks where greater control and scalability is required, and we have in-house CISCO accredited network engineering resource.

We also source hardware from other manufacturers, where more sophisticated architecture and features are not required, and cost benefits can be achieved.